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New GreenPois0n and RubyRa1n Jailbreaks Coming Soon?


Our friends over at the iPhone Download Blog have lots of good news for jailbreak fans today.

First off, as you can see in the tweet above from Dev Team member MuscleNerd, there is speculation that the brilliant geohot may be getting ready to release a new untethered jailbreak (meaning no need to re-jailbreak after every device reboot) soon after the Verizon iPhone launch.

There’s also a report that a new, untethered, version of GreenPois0n will be released in the next few days – and may include a ‘big surprise’ that some of its developers have been sending cryptic tweets about.

Lastly, another brand new exploit (basically a security vulnerability that provides an entry point for jailibreak processes) has been discovered by Chronic Dev Team member @iPod2g. This is good news as it should mean the jailbreak community can effectively keep this new one ‘in reserve’ for when Apple patches those that are going to be used in the current round of jailbreak apps.

I’ve been running my iPhone 4 stock for quite a while now, as the tethered jailbreaks don’t interest me at all. So I’m hoping we’ll see a new jailbreak release very soon – and I’m happy with it being GreenPois0n or RubyRa1n or RedSn0w, just as long as it’s untethered. My temptation to jailbreak always lessens when we see all the melodrama between different development teams, but increased each time I hear of a really clever new tweak like VoiceActivator.

How about you all? Are you running a tethered jailbreak? Waiting on a new jailbreak from one of the usual suspects?

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  • WCR

    Just had my iPhone4 IMEI Unlocked today – so I’m clear to go with any Jailbreak solution as I don’t require a Software unlock any more.

    Just in time as well it looks like. Using the latest FW (4.2.1) at the moment – considering going with Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 for the next coupole of days whilst we wait for this to hit.

  • jhrogersii

    I can’t afford to be without MyWi and My3G, so I have been hanging out on 4.1, waiting for the untethered jailbreak to come. I am really tired of being patient. That being the case, I use my phone why too much to risk going tethered, so I continue to wait.

  • Renkman

    I’m right there with James–in 4.1 JB limbo.

  • Jon

    I can’t wait for greenpois0n 4.2.1. I hate redsn0w and untethered jailbreaks. Personally I hope there’s a new jailbreakme.com. I just got a new 3GS on 4.2.1 and I’m tired of the stock iPhone. I’m close to saying screw it and just downgrading to 4.1 and using limera1n. But I want to see the suppsed suprize on the new jailbreak

  • mmonkeeyy

    I agree I can not wait for the untethered jailbreak.

  • Rahul

    The iPhone 3GS has I have is a old botroom whenever I jailbreak with redsnow latest on windows it shows no wifi no Bluetooth no IMEI no ICCID and it reboots automatically after 3 mins plz I need a solution will the new jailbreaks help me to resolve this problem

  • MonsterMech

    I hope the surprise is the unlock for 4.1 the wait for that has been too long, btw I have an iphone4 on 4.1 and used limera1n to jailbreak it…no issues with that just need the unlock and I will reserve my comments about the unlock bs… for everyone that works on this stuff for us they are great, some of the other ego manics well they can piss off.