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Recommended: Shazam vs. SoundHound Showdown at Lifehacker


Song-identifying apps – the ones that let you just tap a button to have them listen and identify songs for you quickly – are very cool and popular apps. Shazam and SoundHound are the two leaders in this field for iPhone and iOS. Both are excellent apps and worthy of their App Store success. And Lifehacker’s got a great post up pitting them head-to-head in a number of areas and testing them out against each other.

SoundHound eeks out a win, but it’s definitely not a knockout, more like a hard-fought points victory. If you’re trying to figure out which app might be best for you, Lifehacker’s article is a good place to start:


Or you could just use both like (cough) a friend of mine does. Smile

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  • Jay

    Here’s what they forgot to mention that makes SoundHound a TKO, however:

    SoundHound integrates with your iPod so that you can get many lyrics of the songs in your playlists WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING! Now, the last time I fiddled with Shazaam for that, it stopped playing the song from the iPod.

    As someone who frequently would lose at “don’t forget the lyrics” this is great for me!

    “I love rock & roll,
    so put another dime in the juice box, baby.
    I love rock & roll,
    so come and kiss a lime you dance machine.”
    – Jesse Eisenberg, SNL

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