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Alfred App 0.8.2: native scrollbars and scrolling, Address Book support, and more

Before I post on some of these details, I should probably announce — in italics, no less — that Alfred 0.8.2 is pre-release software and might not be entirely stable. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or what Alfred is, please see this Canada-approved review of the productivity app here.

Alfred 0.8.2 is only available to Alfred users that have ticked off, so your Alfred settings screen has to look like the screenshot above before you can even download this version. It’s also probably only available to non-Mac App Store Alfred users (I believe all MAS updates have to come through Apple).

The gigantic list of new features and bug fixes is available on the Alfred website, but here is a quick run-down of new features, based on what I’ve noticed:

Address Book Support

Local Address Book contacts can now be viewed right from within Alfred. You can tell Alfred to show contact names as one of the default search results. Pressing “Return/Enter” will automatically copy the currently selected contact field to your clipboard.

Scrollbars and scrolling support

This one’s a bit harder to show in a screenshot, but you can see a thin scrollbar to the left of the giant album art. This helps to indicate extra options (useful in large lists like albums or Finder folders). I also like how I can now use the trackpad to scroll down these long lists, which really helps when I use Alfred as a semi-Finder replacement.

One final change I also wanted to mention is native Sparrow support within Alfred, so you can use Sparrow alongside Alfred much like you would the default Mail app. Very cool.

[via @alfredapp]

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