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Anybody Else Hate the Idea of Apple Offering an Online Safety Box / Backup Service?


So, as Alex reported last night, a recent patent application may indicate that Apple is considering a new ‘Safe Deposit Box’ feature that sounds a lot like Dropbox or similar online file sync and backup services.

Apple’s patent is about a safe deposit box for securing important user files. In one aspect, when a user drags-and-drops a file representation onto a safe deposit box icon, the file is secured. In another aspect, when a user selects the safe deposit box icon and verifies his or her identity, the user could access secured files through a safe deposit box window.

As we know, a patent application doesn’t mean a feature will ever see the light of day – and I’m really hoping this one never does. I hate the idea; it’s the last sort of service I want to get from Apple. Here are some of my reasons why:

MobileMe: Is a big mess. I’ve subscribed to it for over two years and never found any real use out of it beyond the Find My iPhone / iPad feature. Now that that’s been made free, I won’t be renewing. The iDisk feature is horrendously, stunningly slow – especially when compared to Dropbox. The storage space for $99/year is less than half what Dropbox offers for around the same cost. I don’t need it for sync of contacts or calendars as Google Sync does this far better,  and I haven’t ever found any use for any of its other bits and pieces.

iTunes Backup: Is pretty much 100% useless in my view. Because there are a large number of common issues that can (and do) occur with iOS devices that require a restore operation as a new device – meaning the backup cannot be used. Its slow, allows no user choice at all in terms of what gets backed up, and can never ever be relied on because even Apple’s own support documents and techs will advise the restore as new device far too frequently.

Apple is Not Dropbox, or Google:  What has Apple done so far to demonstrate their skills in offering cloud-based services? Nothing that I can think of. I know they need to put that ginormous new data center in North Carolina to work soon, but file security and backup are just not areas I want help from them in.

Now if they buy Dropbox that might be a different story – but for now I’m happy to see what iTunes in the Cloud has to offer (and likely won’t have much choice on using it once it comes along) but don’t have any interest in this whole safety deposit box concept.

How about you all? Are you keen to secure / backup your files with an Apple online service?

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  • Rob

    Well, I am quite excited. If Apple will provide secure encryption to their “Safe Deposit Box” it will copy some of our key features and teach the advantages of secure online storage to others.

  • Alex Jordan

    I tend to agree. Unless Apple has really improved on their web products, this doesn’t look very promising. Perhaps they would have to good sense to partner with Dropbox to implement the feature, although I doubt this.

  • Jerkie

    If ever Apple will pursue this feature, I hope that they stick to their name as the brand that leads technology beyond current tech stream, not a follower to other techno schemes out there. There must be something NEW!