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Sort your iPhone e-mails automatically with Mail Rules [Jailbreak]

Mail Rules ($1.99) is a fantastic jailbreak extension that allows you to set mailbox rules just like you would on a desktop e-mail client. Once you’ve got Mail Rules configured correctly, you’ll have fewer junk messages lingering in your inbox and more time to work on your Angry Birds high score.

This tweak really all boils down to a set of conditions and actions. You can set up a rule to match any or all of the following conditions:

  • Account
  • Header
  • Recipient
  • Sender
  • Subject
  • Has been read
  • has not been read

Once a condition has been met, you can have Mail Rules trigger any of the following actions:

  • Display a notification
  • Play a sound
  • Vibrate
  • Delete message
  • Mark as read/unread/flagged/unflagged
  • Move/Copy to folder
  • Run a command
  • Stop processing rules
  • Suppress new mail sound

Simply put, there is a hell of a lot of customization available here for just $1.99. Many of these conditions and rules even have sub-settings available (e.g. Play a sound -> specify the sound file), and there isn’t anything I want to do with my e-mail folders that Mail Rules doesn’t already support. This is really, really thorough stuff, and you can use it for more than getting rid of junk e-mails.

I’ve been using Mail Rules recently to save my own bacon from a barrage of double e-mails. I have all my e-mails for my various addresses forwarded to my Gmail address to make things simpler to check. Unfortunately, the Gmail web app on the iPhone doesn’t yet support sending from other addresses, so I still have all of my e-mai addresses active within Mail, which also means that they’re still being checked. So whenever I get a new iSource e-mail I’ll see it in double, since everything is forwarded to Gmail as well.

Mail Rules has helped me work around this irritating dilemma with the “Account” and “Has not been read” conditions, as well as the “mark as read” action. Simply put: every unread e-mail that hits my iSource account is immediately marked as read upon receipt so that I don’t need to deal with deleting or reading the same e-mail twice.

So that’s Mail Rules in a nutshell. It’s a quick $2 purchase on Cydia and you’ll find all the settings within the Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Rules. If you’ve got any mail rule tips of your own, please share them in the comments!

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