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U.S. MacBook Pro Shipments Pushed to the End of the Week, New Models to Have Larger Trackpads, Boot SSD for Mac OS X?


Apple’s online store is showing shipping dates for the MacBook Pros. The new shipping date is now at 3-5 days, instead of the usual “within 24 hrs” timeframe. This fits nicely with the rumors that we’ve heard that suggest the new MacBook Pros will arrive on Thursday, February 24th.

With that out of the way, BGR is reporting that the new MacBook Pros may be equipped with a larger trackpad. Impressive, but not dramatic.

Now, the next thing that is being rumored, is that the new MacBook Pros will have an internal 8-16GB SSD dedicated for Mac OS X, but a standard HDD for the rest of the user’s data. This SSD would allow for a faster boot time for the machine.

The next bit of information doesn’t quite make sense to us, but we have been told the OS on the laptops will be loaded to a separate (internal) 8-16GB SSD while everything else will remain on the regular hard drive. There will be options for just SSD drives but the base models will feature regular hard disks with the SSD combo for the OS.

Of course, an all-SSD model would also be available, and it’s presumed that this SSD boot drive would be included only with machines equipped with a standard HHD for storage.

The report also notes that each of the MacBook Pro models will be around a half pound lighter than the current models.

None of this sounds unreasonable to me. However, I wonder if there will be a real advantage to an SSD devoted to the OS, and not much more. It’s fact that SSDs are faster, and provide faster boot times, but would one with only enough space for an OS really help when you have to go to an HHD drive for the rest of your stuff? Maybe it would, I’m no computer scientist.

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