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New T-Mobile Ad Mocks the iPhone, Badly


From Engadget’s post about this new T-Mobile ad hyping their 4g capabilities, and the iPhone’s lack of same:

T-Mobile cares about you. It cares so much that it’s spending all its advertising dollars lately making sure you know full well that the iPhone 4 can’t do “4G” the way its own phones can. The latest salvo in thiscrusade of enlightenment includes the above graphs showing just how much faster and further your money can go if you ride along on the Magenta network. …

Great. One thing strikes me though. The tortoise and the hare imagery is an interesting choice, with the T-Mobile represented by the cute pink bunny. Didn’t the hare end up losing that race in a rather embarrassing way?

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  • Tom

    I don’t actually see a hare, but a turtle. If it was a hare, they had forgotten the pins.

  • Johnnyquest

    Wow, another article bashing T-Mobile for talking up their network, you don’t see that everyday. Wait a minute, the reality is that you see these hit pieces on an almost daily basis.

    Where were these ‘4G purists’ when the other carriers, namely Sprint, touted their 4G network? Bottom line is that the customer wants fast download speeds and great pricing, two things T-Mobile does better than the other carriers, by a wide margin.

  • I wasn’t actually meaning to bash T-Mobile for the ad campaign touting their network. I quite like their TV ads on this. I just think it’s a comical choice to choose the loser of a race as your symbol.

  • jhrogersii

    Like Sprint, what good is T-Mobile’s “4G” network when it is only available in a relatively small area of the country.

  • Rob

    Slow And Steady Wins The Race

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