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Twizzler, the Jailbreak Answer to your Twitter QuickBar Blues

In case you haven’t yet heard, the official Twitter app for the iPhone was updated to version 3.3 yesterday.  That’s the good news.  The bad news–no one seems to like the main attraction, QuickBar.  I haven’t found one person yet who has commented favorably on how “trends” are now plastered on the top of your timeline.  Personally. I have never been much of a fan of trends in the first place.  So for me, it’s especially intrusive.  I’m not really interested in what is trending “near me” much less anywhere else for that matter.  However, the new update wasn’t just about the Quick Bar feature, there were several other notable inclusions


So before we all start jumping ship, there is an easy fix for those of you who jailbreak your iOS devices.  Twizzler by chpwn, the same developer who has brought us great jailbreak apps like Infinifolders, ProSwitcher, Gridlock, and the recently released VoiceActivator.  Twizzler is a tweak that simply removes the new “trending topics” bar located at the top of all your timelines.  If you’re jailbroken, open Cydia, search for Twizzler, and install it–that’s it.  Best of all—it’s free!  No need to abandon your favorite Twitter Client.  Take a deep breath now, everything is back to normal.

What’s that you say?  The official Twitter app for the iPhone is not your go-to Twitter client??  Hmm…  Just for fun, I asked some of our writers here at iSource what was their preferred Twitter app to keep up with their favorite tweeters.  It appears that, although we all have our favorites, most of us have more than one—especially Thomas!

Jay & AliciaB/ Tweetdeck


Since I have several twitter accounts (4 business accounts and 2 personal accounts) this single app can keep me connected with multiple twitter accounts, their mentions, and their direct messages. Each of these appear in a column, and similarly to scrolling through open windows in mobile Safari, the iOS versions can be refreshed by shaking the device. Although the default black background/white lettering may not appeal to some, it can be changed to a light background/black font theme, and best of all you can get all of this for free–Jay

Patrick, Thomas, Renkman, AliciaB, Alex / Twitter


Ever since Tweetie days it has had by far the simplest and best UI. Like iOS devices themselves, it may not always have as long a list of features as some rivals, but it’s easily the nicest to use. It’s also the only Twitter app that I can think of that has created lovely little UI elements that are now widely copied by apps in various categories (e.g. pull down to refresh)–Patrick.

Renkman, Brandon, Patrick (iPad) / Osfoora


I was lucky enough to pick up Osfoora for free during a promo they were running.  However, after using it as my primary Twitter client since last summer, I would gladly have paid the $2.99 asking price.  I love the dark theme, and elegant, clean interface.  If you love to customize everything, you can change font size, home screen colors, refresh rate, etc.  Osfoora also has native TextExpander and Twitlonger support, as well as URL shortening, geo-tagging, and multiple account management.  Tweeting attachments are a breeze with their attachment manager–you can send multiple photos and videos at once in a single tweet!  But at the end of the day, I keep coming back because it just looks great—Renkman.

Alex, Thomas, Patrick / Twitterific

twitterific Twitterific is now my number one choice, Twitter my second—Alex.



Thomas / Icebird


I’d use Twitteriffic more, but for a long time there was a bug that affected the status bar and wouldn’t let me scroll to top.



What do you think of the official Twitter for iPhone app update?  Did they knock it out of the park, or are you, too, bummed out by the new QuickBar trends hanging precariously above your timeline? What makes or brakes a Twitter app for you?  Are you swayed by price, or do you want an app you can use across multiple iOS devices?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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  • Brandon

    For the record, the official Twitter app is my daily driver, but because of the bar I moved back to Osfoora (which is just as good).

    Also for those of you without a jailbreak, if you still have an older twitter .ipa you can delete the new version and just install the old one through iTunes. Which is what I did.

  • Looks like I’ll be jailbreaking for Twizzler then.

  • Bill

    Twittelator should probably get a mention here. A little more expensive than the others, but well worth it.

  • Use the official Twitter app daily. Could not stand the quick bar! Twizzler definitely saved the day.

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