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Twitter App Update Coming – to Modify, but Not Get Rid of, the Quick Bar


A recent update to the official Twitter app for iPhone – Version 3.3 – added a new ‘Quick Bar’ feature.  The Quick Bar – or Dickbar as it also commonly referred to – shows trending topics ‘and other important things’ in a bar across the top of the app’s screen.

The bar has not been well received. Many users hate it and the latest version of the app is getting some terrible App Store rating because of it – it’s currently at just a two-star rating for the current version, with over 3,000 ratings.

The bar’s torrid reception has not gone unnoticed by the folks at Twitter. They’ve already submitted an update for App Store approval – as mentioned in a weekend tweet from one of their communications staff:

Sean Garret: Twitter submitted an update to Apple yesterday for our iPhone app. It fixes some bugs & makes it so the quickbar doesn’t overlay on Tweets

That appears to mean that the bar will still be in place in timeline views. If so, I would imagine that’s not going to be enough for many of the unhappy Twitter users, who likely want to see the bar go away altogether.

What do you all think? Is removing the Quick / Dick bar from overlay on tweets enough?

News Via: Mashable

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  • ArcAngel

    They are clearly not going to get rid of it because it’s going to be an advertisement feature.

  • Martin

    It would be nice if they could just make it work without crashing!