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Tweetbot – iPhone Twitter App from Tapbots: On Its Way to the App Store Soon


Still looking for your go-to iPhone Twitter app? You may have an interesting new option to consider very soon. Tapbots – who have brought us a number of iOS gems in the past, such as Pastebot, Calcbot, and Convertbot – are developing a Twitter client ‘with a lot of personality’. It’s called Tweetbot and it’s now in beta. Today’s post at the Tapbots Blog has this to say about reaching rhe beta stage:

So what does this mean? It means all of the features are complete and we are now focusing on performance, fixing bugs, and polishing up this little robot for his upcoming debut on the app store. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date, but we are really close!

That sounds quite good. I wouldn’t mind trying a little Twitter bot with a lot of personality, especially knowing how polished and effective current Tapbots apps are.

To keep up with news on Tweetbot and other Tapbots news follow the @tapbots Twitter account.

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