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Review: Teach Me Sushi, iPad edition

I have always enjoyed sushi and thought it would be great to know how to make it. It looks too delicate of a skill, though, and I shrugged it off as an unlikely practice in my kitchen. That didn’t prevent a friend from gifting me supplies to make sushi this past holiday season, so I stood at that crossroad. My only experience at trying to roll sushi with my father was moderately successful, so I was optimistic that I could do it; yet in thinking about trying to do it independently, I found myself very apprehensive. So when the offer to review “Teach Me Sushi” for the iPad came up, I jumped at the chance. I hoped to assuage my reluctance of making a delicate treat that both the family and I could enjoy.


Teach Me Sushi for iPad becomes your personal tutor, walking you through the beginning steps of selecting equipment, the preparation of  fish, rice, and vegetables, and also demonstarates 16 different styles of sushi:

1. Maki
2. Inside Out Roll
3. Futo Maki
4. Hand Roll
5. Nigiri
6. Rainbow Roll
7. Sashimi
8. Fashion Sandwich
9. Shrimp Tempura
10. Spicy Crunchy Tuna
11. Temari
12. Philadelphia Roll
13. Volcano Roll
14. California Roll
15. Vegetable Nigiri
16. Naruto Roll
Each of the above menu items comes with a video by (what feels like) your personal chef, Jake, who is very specific, detailed, and reassuring in giving directions and tips. Most menu items also have a step-by-step set of written directions accompanied by pictures – when you no longer need the video. Because of the number of videos, the iPad edition has a hefty footprint of almost 1GB! However, it is because of these same videos that someone inexperienced should consider this app.

The app comes with a menu at the bottom which has a handy calculator (see screenshots) that creates a shopping list based on what type of sushi you will want to prepare for a given number of people. Embedded in this calculator menu is a tab of “Where to buy” supplies which brings up a local google map search of local Japanese supermarkets (I didn’t know there were so many in my area). Also available in the bottom menu is a convenient timer for cooking the rice by Jake’s method – with a “gong” image and sound indicating when the time is up (a nice touch).

Another point worth mentioning is the availability of Jake himself via email: he proudly claims that he will respond within 24 hours. When I emailed a comment about making a correction to his written instruction because of typo, he did reply promptly and with the same eager helpfulness he shows in his videos.

Personally, I think the app succeeds in making sushi look like something I can do! I am looking forward to developing my skills and enjoying the results!

Teach Me Sushi, iPad edition is currently available in the App Store for $8.99

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