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Some iPad 2 Customers Experiencing Screen Problems


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some early iPad 2 customers are reporting problems with their screens. First off, it customers are reporting (via MacRumors) a slight yellow discoloration of the iPad 2’s screen. At the moment it is believed to be the same issues that affected the iPhone 4 early on in production. That is, the bonding agent used to secure the glass to the screen hasn’t fully dried yet. If this is indeed the problem, it should clear up in the next few days like it did with the iPhone 4.

Next up, some customers are reporting (via Engadget) that light, especially with a dark image on loaded, is leaking around the edges of the screen. Little else is known about the problem at the moment, or if Apple is even aware of the problem at the moment. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Image courtesy of Engadget.

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  • Verkonika

    I got the iPad 2 64Gb WiFi black and have no issues with light bleeding.

  • googol

    i just returned my ipad2 because the microphone was not working .

  • Robert

    I love my new iPad 2 until the screen stays locked up when I try to turn it sideways. I checked the settings and it’s all fine. I have an iPad already so I know how it works.
    In order for me to fix this I need to turn it off for 10 seconds then it works, once turned on it works for a bit, then locks up again, I will be returning this i pad 2 🙁
    Problem; I screen on the Internet will not turn as the iPad turns 🙁

    I’m excited I got an iPad 2 so fast but sad I have to return it and pay a $75 restocking fee with Verizon

  • Robert

    Btw this is the new iPad 2 , 64gb 3G . Black face

  • Dave

    …returned my Verizon 32GB Black iPad to Best Buy today due to the backlight “bleeding” issue. Maybe I would not have cared if not for having owned an original iPad that did not display this issue. I have another on order with Apple now. …hoping I do better.

  • Chip

    Has there been anyone experiencing screen lock ups (screen just stays black and won’t come on when I press any button? I pressed both the top button and bottom middle button for 10 seconds and reset it. It works! My new Ipad2 has done this twice now for no reason.

  • Gary

    My new Ipad 2 has the same problem, screen will not rotate in some apps, if I turn itnoff then back on it’s ok for a while then locks up again …. Bloody disappointing …. Give me back my IPad 1 ….

  • Andries

    I had a more severe problem with the screen of my iPad2. After 3 weeks the screen developed a red haze which got worse day by day. A check with images in the primary colors showed that the color red fluctuated in intensity from bright to dark red. I returned it to the Apple store and I am waiting for the repair for over 2 weeks now. Bad start after month waiting for the delivery of my first iPad.

  • Laura

    I pad2 screen locks, is slow to change positions, and connection w wireless searches for long time???? I have an iPad and haven’t experienced any problems….quite disappointed 🙁

  • Adham

    Mine iPad 2 64 3G use for less than a month, screen got shadow beneath and later screen turn to gray color. How I gonna fix it. Two days ago after the shadow gone after turn it off. But know it cant be fixed even after restart it few times and reset.

    Really upset and frustrated,

  • Suyhen

    Got this ipad2 32gb. at Verizon 6/07/2011 it started locking up on me ( not rotating ). I check the side button to see if I turn it off by mistake, then check the rotation setting if it’s set on the off position, it was not. Sometimes the rotation would work when I turn off (my iPad2) and back on but it never miss to lock up on me.
    Another problem; this iPad2 started doing. Sometimes it won’t turn on!! So I charge it for a couple of hours & it still doesn’t seem to work! I was mad. The next day… It worked fine, but as for the rotation…???
    I hope it will stay in it’s working order because, I sure don’t want to go back to where I get this ipad2 to return it.

  • Ozzy

    Yep got the same screen bleeding problem, and also just discovered a few moments ago that when I wipe the screen with micro fiber ( with LCD cleaning fluid ) the screen zooms in and I can’t do anything except wipe it again and hope it goes back to normal size

  • sara

    does work at all I PAD II
    how can i retyrn it
    support just has recordings

  • Chet

    iPad2 Screen still shows color, but the image is a negative of what it should be. I am finding no way to reset, etc. This was one of first iPad2’s delivered direct from Apple.

  • aloba ighodalo francis

    I just bought ipad2,16gig black.I don’t know how to on/off.I am a first user please I need some on/off lecture.


    Screen iPad 2 does not respond, but all the buttons work well, I tried to work to restore the factory settings, restore from backup, but without result. What should I do, the problem I am in Yemen, there is no agent for Apple here