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Some iPad 2 units affected by screen bleeding?


In my iPad 2 Impressions post the other day, I mentioned how I thought my screen was suffering from the bonding issue that plagued many iPhone 4 users upon its release.  I was none too worried, seeing as how this is supposed to be a temporary issue that corrects itself after only a few days of use.

Well, now I am officially back in “worry mode.”  After said few days of use, the issue persists.  It seems as though my iPad is not suffering from a bonding issue, but from a backlight bleeding issue.  MacRumors has an article on this as well.

Basically, when you are looking at dark, solid colors on the screen, you’ll notice what appear to be yellow “bleed” marks towards the edge in various areas of the device.  The issue intensifies when you turn up the brightness of the iPad.  It’s most aggravating when the affected areas are displaying just a solid black screen.  It’s not just noticeable, but also distracting.

The biggest problem with this issue is that, unlike with the bonding issue, this problem does not correct itself.  Users must either accept the bleeding or take it to the Apple Store for, hopefully, a replacement.

It is unknown how widespread the problem is.  The MacRumors forum has been a venue for frustrated owners to vent their concerns.  razorianfly.com also has a story on this issue, along with a poll to see how many iPad’s are affected.  For what it’s worth, just under 60 percent of voters in that poll said they are having an issue.  But take that with a grain of salt, because content owners rarely scour blogs to rant about how pleased they are.

I included a picture of my iPad in this post.  Please excuse the less-than-stellar quality as I have to rely on my iPhone for all my picture-taking needs.  But you’ll notice two yellow-ish spots in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.  Trust me when I say that it’s even more noticeable in person.

How about you?  Is your iPad flawless?  Or does it have the same issue?  Let us know in the comments.  Or tweet us a pic at @iSource.

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  • David Litz


    This just happened to me today.

    So I was one of the many that bought my Ipad 2 Friday and had light leakage around the edges of the screen. I read the threads and waited. It did not go away so I called Apple today for help. They were very helpful and set up an appointment to replace the Ipad at the Apple store on Saturday.

    This is where it gets a little scary. Apple calls me back and asks if I could get to the store tonight. I ask why and the supervisor at Apple says the battery could be bad and she does not want to see anyone get harmed by a bad ipad.

    I just got back from Walmart after returning. A little to scary when Apple calls you and asks if you can get to the store immediately.

  • Nate

    Yes. Mine has the screen bleeding and dead pixels. I have the black 64gb wifi+3G and nearly paid a grand for a flawed iPad. I’m so pissed.

  • N.K

    Mine is bleeding as well, i first read an article about it on macrumors and thought that this problem will be like the iphone and it will correct itself, but it didnt im noticing more spots now…

  • Chriscic

    Yes, mine has too. I think this is going to be a big issue for Apple; I expect the mainstream press will pick up soon. Many people on the Apple Forums are reporting they’ve swapped out their unit once or even twice and had the same problem with the replacement. Personally, I plan to exchange mine at Target where I bought it in a couple of months or so; I have 90 days and hopefully by then they will have it in stock and Apple will have worked the kinks out of production.

    For what it’s worth, my local Apple store tried to tell me that this was “within spec.’ To be fair I didn’t have my actual unit with me for them to see, but my impression was that they were trying to discourage returns/exchanges.

  • Patrick

    Well… I got 2 of them 16gig and a 64gig 3G AT&T on openeing day.. I got home and they both had this problem.. I Called apple and they said they were “Sorry” and they wanted them back and they would swap them out. They called the apple store in my area and held 2 for me.. I went in today and got 2 more and came home. I opened them up and the 16 gig has the same thing and I opened up the 64 gig and it was 3G with Verizon not AT&T.. So now I have to go back again tomorrow and get the 64gig AT&T.. I called (sent an email) to the corporate contact for apple and sent her another picture of this one and I am waiting for a responce.. What the heck is going on.. This sucks… They said at apple that not enough people are calling in to report this so it is only a few… Call people Call

  • Brandon K

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes a big story.

  • Imoe

    Mine looks like the sunshine.Bleeding from all the sides and corners.

  • hunnib

    my new ipad 2 looks like the one in the picture with the bleeding light…its in the same spots as this one shown. thought it was just normal at first but now after reading this i am concerned!!! the closest apple store is over 2 hours away. i bought mine at best buy. other than this issue i love my ipad 2 its my first ipad.

  • ihateappleipad

    you pay big $$$ for it epic fail.

  • Adrian

    Well that’s apple for you. You deserve it.

  • K

    I have had the bleeding issue from day 1 ?.. Apple customer service tried to suggest that I don’t know what I am talking about and they have not heard of any iPad 2 being replaced because of this bleeding issue. There only suggestion is take to apple store ( 3 hours away ) for them to inspect but I should know that a little light bleeding is normal. If this is not convenient I can mail it in to apple

  • Jk

    I called and was told they have had no complaints ya right. But they did say it would be covered under the 1 year apple care you get when buying to return it. Not sure if I believe that. They’ll prolly say I used it by the time they have ones that don’t bleed. Mine isn’t too bad I think I’m gonna just keep it. Qc must be non existent except for stupid crap like garage band with fake instruments. Who wants to watch a movie in darkness? ME!

  • BWP

    Whoa.. I was just planning to order it online from Apple Malaysia. I guess I will have to shelve it for the time being. No point buying at this time as I’m sure the support from Apple will take ages to rectify the problem. My friends who’ve booked the iPad 2 online still haven’t receive their machines. I believe good things happen for those who wait (a little bit longer). He.. he..

  • Phil Atkinson

    Yep, unfortunatley mine also suffers the bleeding issue. Only had it a couple of weeks. Watching a movie and notived the bottom edge light leaking through in spots. Apple say this is due to a faulty batch. I see that many of the post stretch back to March, mine was purchased in July. That’s one hell of a big batch!!!!! Are Apple going to sort this issue. I will be contacting them for a replacement bu my concern is that a replacement will also suffer the same problem.