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Mac OS X Is 10 Years Old – Many Happy Returns


It’s been ten years since Mac OS X Cheetah was released, back on March 24, 2001. It was priced at $129 – which in itself is a bit amazing considering that the price has held the same all the way up through the Snow Leopard release.

I’ve only been a Mac OS X user for around three years now – but I love using this OS and cannot foresee switching away from it. The UI is great (and even very easy to switch to after years of Windows), the OS is rock solid, and the performance is spectacular. My current MacBook Pro, with a little help from a recent memory upgrade to 8GB, is a beast. While I write this post I have applications running in eight spaces, including Mail.app, iTunes (a typical resource hog), Things, Evernote, Twitter, Parallels Desktop running a Windows 7 virtual machine, and the Chrome browser with 27 tabs open. And Activity Monitor shows me that CPU idle time is at around 85%. The MacBook Pro and OS X are kicking ass and taking process names.

From everything I’ve seen of the Mac OS X Lion, the new version due out this summer, OS X is looking better than ever. I can’t wait to be running Lion.

So yeah – Happy Birthday Mac OS X, and many happy returns.

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