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Check out the slick new Evernote web app!

This news isn’t Mac-specific, but it’s still quite relevant to Mac users.

Evernote, the amazing service that helps you Remember Everything, has been releasing some major make-overs in the design department lately, and their web app is the latest platform to receive some prettification (a real word, I tell you!).

The web client now features the same three-tab interface as the native desktop apps for Mac and PC, and the whole package now looks a lot more professional and modern. Among the biggest changes are the new snippet view (the notes list features image thumbnails and the first couple of words in-line), and a fantastic auto-save feature that should save a lot of notes from being lost to the abyss (take that, abyss!).

I thought that this web app looked so good that I was tempted to use it as my primary Evernote client, but that plan will have to wait a while, as important features like file attachments and the ability to create saved searches have yet to be implemented.

Evernote is definitely on a roll, though, and I can’t wait to see what the inevitable iPad re-design has in store for us.

[via @plibin]


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