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Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 Coming Soon, from the Dev Team



The screenshot above is a tweet from Dev Team member MuscleNerd last night. Apparently a security expert and hacker called Stefan Esser, or @i0nic, has given his 4.3.1 exploit process to the Dev team to package up into a new jailbreak release.

MuscleNerd’s tweet looks very positive about the new untethered jailbreak – it sounds like it should not be too long at all before it’s released.

Spotted this via a thread started by iPhonewarrior at everthingiCafe.

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  • Travis

    Hope it includes iPad 2!!!!!!

  • Sam

    @Travis: From what I hear it will not support iPad 2 for quite some time. The reason is that apple greatly changed the boot code and there is no working exploit for it yet. That is the big problem here lol.



  • Brian

    @Travis… i0nic already stated that it does not support iPad 2. So unless Dev-Team figures something out in this short time (which I highly doubt since they’re just using i0nic’s method), it will not JB the iPad 2.

  • weeman247

    I agree QSLADE without the Jailbreak the iphone is rubbish. But jailbroken its the best handheld device by far.

  • Jim

    Wow QSLADE. We’re all looking forward to the jb, but does the iPhone really torture you that much without it? 😛

  • iphonewarrior

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  • rheo

    hopefully this is will be the icebreaker for all those other months

  • Jim

    Really weeman247? If it’s rubbish why even begin with the iPhone? To say a stock iPhone isn’t any good is complete rubbish.

  • Amit

    hey do you know about when this will be released?

  • Harry Potter

    You muggles and your crappy iPhones are complete rubbish! Buy the new Nimbus 2012! Jailbreak my /@$$! humh!

  • JO5H

    can’t wait! accidently upgraded to 4.3.1. was devestated haha. tried downgrading back to 4.2.1 but there was some shiz to do with shsh blobs GRRR. hopefully this weekend 😀

  • Smart

    Jim … The iPhone is the best phone ever with or without jailbreak .. I’ll tell u one thing just install 60 application or more on any phone & see which one will handle all this without lag or being slow except the iPhone

  • fibs

    I agree with Jim.. If you think it’s that much rubbish guys why even buy an iPhone or post such a rubbish comment



  • cheedo

    LOLZ u guys argue about nothing 😛
    the iPhone is rubbish, as in the apps are greatly limited, when the iPhone is stock. but when you JB, all the new apps you can get make the phone a million times better. hardware wise the iPhone is badass, apps wise from app store, well its good but it could be better. i believe thats what weeman247 was saying 🙂
    BTW iPad 2 will NOT be supported by this untethered JB, a separate JB will be made for it later but first this one will be released because apparently a LOT of people are bothering the Dev-Team about when they’re going to release the untethered JB. they might as well ease the pressure by releasing for the majority of people (every iDevice except iPad 2) then doing a second release for everyone else (iPad 2).

  • Penith

    LoL…i didnt have any iPhone but i do have iPod Touch 4G..cant wait for the untethered jailbreak..i feel bored using firmware 4.2.1 untethered..need to upgrade once the 4.3.1 untethered released.

  • hey

    i hope it works for my 4.3.1 ipod4g