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Day One: a new journal app for your iPhone and Mac

The cool thing about the set of Day One journal apps for Mac and iPhone is that they’re so flexible — not only can you use them on day one, but also on day two, three, four…ad infinitum!

The $9.99 Mac app features both a quick-entry widget that lives in the menu bar and a full-fledged client that organizes all of your entries by date. The $0.99 iPhone client is a lot cheaper, but still quite powerful, and even includes a password lock option to make sure your deep, dark digital secrets remain hidden.

However, one of the best reasons for investing in the Day One system is Dropbox sync (which a lot of apps have been adopting over the past few months). Two-way sync is something many other iOS journal apps are missing (*cough*, Momento) and it should make the whole package a lot more useful and usable.

Both Day One apps are available right now on their respective App Stores (see the embedded links above).



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  • laura

    How do I access my journal entries that are older than a week? Help- I’m using this for business!