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mobilenotifier beta 4 for iPhone is coming… [Jailbreak]

Mobilenotifier, Peter Hajas’ alternative notification system for iOS, has gotten quite a bit of attention these last few weeks (more than Notified Pro did, despite its earlier release). I gave beta 3 a shot a few nights after it first came out, but it had a few problems with LockInfo compatibility and the pop-ups at the top of the screen didn’t quite work for me, so I uninstalled it.

The recent announcement of beta 4, however, has gotten me excited all over again. I’m currently using only LockInfo on my 3GS to keep things nice and snappy, but I’ll gladly give this new version a shot. Here are the highlights straight from Peter Hajas’ blog:

– Sound fixes for users reporting duplicate sound issues and other problems. I’m working as hard as I can to fix these sound problems.

– biteSMS support for users that have requested it for QuickReply.

– QuickReply support provided internally for replying to your messages immediately.

– Significantly less obtrusive alerts – living in the statusbar instead of over the view. Kyle Adams and I have been working very hard on this.

– Brand new lockscreen view – with alert previews and everything!

– 3.x compatibility fixes. I want older devices to run this – it’s made for everybody!

– And more! Tons of bugfixes and fixed issues.

There’s still no ETA on the release, but rest assured, we’ll have a fresh post ready when it’s released.

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  • Chen

    I’ve used mobilenotifier a while and don’t know if it is, but does this app/tweak drains a little more battery than without it ? Or its just me ?