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AT&T Raises the Price for ‘Early Upgrade’ iPhone Purchases


First revealed in a screenshot captured by Android Central, and later reaffirmed by BGR, AT&T plans to raise the prices on “early upgrade” iPhone offers by a full $50. That means, customers who haven’t yet fulfilled enough of their contract to upgrade their phone for free, is slammed with this device upgrade charge.

So, in turn this means that upgrade pricing for the iPhone 3GS has risen from $249 to $299. For the 16GB iPhone 4, it has moved from $399 to $449, and for the 32GB model it has moved from $499 to $549.

To be fair, AT&T is doing this across the board with all of their phones. For instance, other smartphones are also seeing a $50 hike, while simpler feature phones will see a $20 hike. One-year commitment pricing is now an additional $150 more expensive, and for feature phones it goes up by an additional $10.

Stay classy AT&T.

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