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My iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.1 Is Jailbroken with RedSn0w, and Mostly Happy


Late last night we saw the promised release of two new jailbreak apps from the Dev Team for almost all iDevices running iOS 4.3.1 (the exceptions being the iPad 2 and the Verizon iPhone).

Today I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.1 and then ran the RedSn0w jailbreak on it. The iPhone is successfully jailbroken and is still working just fine, but some of its jailbreak functionality is not 100% right just yet.

I was running my iPhone 4 jailbroken on the 4.2.1 firmware before today. I chose to update to 4.3.1 after an iTunes backup and sync and then downloaded RedSn0w and fired away with the new jailbreak. I followed the basic steps outlined at iPhone Download Blog for this jailbreak – pretty standard stuff if you have jailbroken before with RedSn0w or similar tools.

The jailbreak itself succeeded without a hitch. Since completing it, all the ‘stock’ features of my iPhone 4 seem to be fine – but sometimes issues crop up or get noticed 24-48 hours after jailbreaking, so I’ll come back and update this post if I see any problems.

Cydia is not firing on all cylinders for me so far though. On first launch it needed a number of major updates, as is usual after a new jailbreak. After finishing those and rebooting the iPhone, the first launch of Cydia lead to a complete meltdown in the app. Its screen flickered continually like a room full of strobe lights and showed a status bar middle of the screen that looked like a leftover from a software or firmware update. The status bar in the middle of the screen didn’t advance or go away even when back at the home screen.

A reboot got rid of the phantom status bar and got Cydia back to normal-ish behavior. It is still showing some issues for me though, including:

— Slow loading. Possibly because everyone and their dog is jailbreaking anew today – but it is taking a noticeably long time (up to 2-3 minutes) to finish loading packages and be ready to after opening it. And even when it appears to finish, I often find that when I go to a page to view an app’s details or similar, it reverts back to showing a ‘Loading’ screen.


When I searched for SBSettings the search results showed the app’s entry, but when I tapped on it it took me to an Install page that was almost entirely blank.


Exiting the program, closing it, and rebooting the iPhone got me no farther. In the end, I installed an SBSettings tweak that included the install of SBS itself as my clumsy workaround for this.

I’ve also found that Infinidock does not work for me thus far under this jailbreak. The everythingiCafe forums have a thread going about apps that are incompatible with the 4.3.1 jailbreak, here: http://www.everythingicafe.com/forum/iphone-jailbreak/4-3-1-jailbreak-incompatible-cydia-applications-90738.html

So, a bit of a mixed result thus far for me. I may attempt a new jailbreak with Pwnage Tool later on or tomorrow, or I may just wait for Cydia to be under less strain and see if it performs a bit better and await an update of Infinidock.

I’ve really not been using that many jailbreak apps on the iPhone lately, so none of this is crushing to me.

Have you done an iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak yet? If so, which jailbreak did you use and how did it go for you?

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  • Jailbroke mine this morning as well. Similar issues with Cydia.. it seemed more like things were really getting hammered.. pages were timing out.. etc..

    but for the most part… it seems stable *knocks on wood*

  • Larry

    I can’t even load Cydia after the jailbreak…it’s just a blank white icon… Any ideas???

  • Koz

    I also have jailbroken iphone4 4.2.1. Do I need to update to Apple 4.3.1 before to do the jailbreak 4.3.1? I’ve read some posts, it said my iphone4 must on 4.3.1 before I do the jailbreak of 4.3.1? Pls help.

  • Jaime

    I Will jailbreak tonight. One question will pnagetool preserve my baseband? Even though I have att I just want to keep my unlockqble baseband just invade I sell my phone

  • Jailbroke to 4.3.1 on my 3GS using PwnageTool. Redsn0w worked most of the way, but gave me a white Cydia icon that I simply couldn’t fix (even with a tethered reboot).

    Cydia and the rest are working just fine so far.

  • Farooqi

    Same problems here. Timed out error, Gpg errors, blah blah blah

  • Ranger

    Man! This jailbreak won’t work on my iPhone 4.3

  • fibs

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 yesterday using RedSnow on my iMac.. similar issues as PatrickJ … issues with Cydia, then what seemed to be a left over part of the jailbreak which halted halfway through and then rebooted the device. Had to reinstall infinifolders and had to add some sources back into Cydia. Other than that it seems to be working fine and battery life is the norm.

  • Dan

    My jailbreak seems to be working well except my upgrade from Categories to Folder Enhancer is not working well. I got all of my icons where I wanted them and now a full 80% of my icons have disappeared. Almost all of the ones that were moved into folders (but not all) and a couple that weren’t. I can still find the programs by searching for them but I really loved my extended folders and want them back.

  • David

    I also have the blank cydia icon after 4.3.1 jailbreak. One big problem as reported by PatrickJ is the cydia flickering and load bar that results in a crash. It happens every time I try to do a cydia search, despite multiple power cyclings. Anybody have a recommendation here? I need to search for my packages to reinstall.


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  • Adam

    Same problems. Launching Cydia causes a meltdown.

  • Adam

    I managed to search through Cydia for the Mobile Substrate and install it… all while that Apple installer bar was flashing over my screen. Once this finished, things seemed fine. But I’m wondering if there are any other packages that didn’t get correctly installed in Cydia the first time? Anyone have a list of what is normally installed the first time you start Cydia so I can look for it?

  • juan

    how i can unluck an iphone 4 4.2.1 or 4.3.1?

  • Pablo amigo

    I’m running 4.3.1 on iphone 4. Everything works almost fine. Except AppStore, when i run AppStore and do a search and find the app that i want. Then AppStore crasches i’ve tried to restart

  • Goolig

    hi guy
    got the same problem flickring issue,
    fixed it by restoring, then rejailbreaking.

    so far so good.

  • Lelani

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 on 4.3.1 with jailbreakme.com a few dAys ago. My phone has no carrier, so I use it like an iPod touch. Everything seemed fine. I downloaded Winterboard, mxtube, sbsettings, five icon dock, & quick reply. The next day my home key stopped working. Using sbsettings, I re-assigned the sleep key to function as the home key. About 10 minutes later my phone re-booted and the touch screen was non-responsive. I tried to restart it again and it was in “slide for emergency” with the touchscreen still non-responsive. I couldn’t restore it thru iTunes without updating firmware, so I got pissed and threw it in the couch cushions and went to bed. I woke up this morning and it was magically out of the lockscreen and touch-responsive. The only problem now is that none of the apps from the app store work! They start to open and immediately crash. I have no idea what to do now :/ please help!

  • Lelani

    I suppose I should mention that my main problem is that I don’t know how to restore without updating. I saw videos on YouTube, but they keep talking about saved shsh blobs. I couldn’t have saved them, because I have no idea what they are lol