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QuickCal and Alfred: for when your butler is also your secretary

Before you read this post, please close your eyes.

Imagine two sets of developers: one makes a great Mac productivity app called Alfred and the other is the creator of QuickCal, a great calendar entry system that uses natural language (“Monday 12p post on QuickCal and Alfred”) to create new events.

Now imagine that these two teams of developers got together and decided to integrate QuickCal functionality into Alfred, allowing you to create new calendar events and tasks right inside of Alfred’s window. Now open your eyes: this is all real and is ready for your textual enjoyment as of right now. All you need to do is have both Alfred and QuickCal installed and visit the QuickCal blog for instructions.

Bonus Question: please explain how you read this post if you actually closed your eyes.

[via @QuickCal]


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