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iPhone 4 Survey Says: Yes, AT&T Drops More Calls, but Customer Satisfaction is Neck and Neck on Verizon and AT&T


I’ve seen lots of reports around the web today about how a recent Changewave survey confirms that iPhone 4 owners using AT&T have more dropped calls than those using Verizon.

And that’s true – according to this survey by Changewave, it’s not even close. AT&T dropped call rates for iPhone 4 users are more than three times higher than Verizon’s.

But … in terms of overall satisfaction, the results for Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 users are ‘virtually indistinguishable’. Verizon just edges AT&T with 82% very satisfied customers against an 80% figure for AT&T. Both companies have 98% of customers satisfied though.

So either AT&T customers just don’t care very much about dropped calls, or there are other factors (surf and talk at the same time, network speed perhaps) that are outweighing any dissatisfaction caused by the dropped calls.

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  • Melmerme

    Interesting article. While I don’t have an Iphone, I do have a relatively new phone from Verizon and lately Verizon seems to be dropping more calls. Maybe all resources are being funneled to Iphone users…lol