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Clorox Employees Prefer iPhone

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 1.08.14 AM.pngComputerworld is reporting that Clorox has recently overhauled it’s IT department, replacing desktop PCs with Notebooks, and now giving their employees a choice of phone instead of just issuing them Blackberrys. Employees can select from Android, Windows Phone 7, and iPhones, and 92% of 2000 employees chose to go with an iPhone. The remainder of devices were split with 6% choosing an Android device, and 2% going with Windows Phone 7 devices.

To me, this shows several things. First, RIM (the maker of Blackberry) is in serious trouble, but we’ve known that for some time. They’ve undoubtedly lost a big client. Each quarter their share of the market gets smaller and smaller. Secondly, and I think more interestingly, when offered the device for free the majority chose an iPhone. To me, this suggests that the biggest hurdle in the market for Apple is price. I would wager that most people walking into a store want and iPhone, but go with something similar, but less expensive. Android devices fill that gap. We won’t even talk about Windows Phone 7. That would just be embarrassing (and that’s a shame, it’s a nice OS).

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  • NOTRahmEmanuel

    This story reveals zero about todays smart phones market and nothing of interest to today’s consumers.

    Clorox says they started the phone swaps in April or May of 2010, when there were a whole 5 Android phones available in the USA and probably 4 in the rest of the world. Except for the 1st gen. Droid, all of the others were pretty mediocre units that were saddled with pitifully small internal memory and still used Android version 1.6 (Donut). This tiny list of models were spread in onesies and twosies across Verizon, Sprint and TMobile. AT&T didn’t even carry *any* Android phones until March 2010 and that was the bizarre Motorola “BackFlip”. Besides, unless you were a hardcore phone geek you hadn’t even heard of “Android” except in the Droid commercials for VZW.

    Compare that to “iPhone”, a well established brand name that was selling like crazy and got lots of publicity from Apple’s hot new iPad that was released just a few months before the redesigned iPhone 5. Of course most of the employees went for iPhones that year. OMG – hold the presses!

  • Robert

    this tells me that 6% of clorox employees have a personal iPhone and like to experiment and at least 2% are over the age of 50 =]