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Twitter + Tapbots = this sneak peek screenshot

The shot isn’t a whole lot to go on, but it was a) tweeted by Tapbots designer Mark Jardine and b) features that distinctly yummy Tapbots aesthetic, so I’d say that it’s a pretty safe bet that this is the mythical Tweetbot that was announced in April of last year.

I also know through Twitter that a number of bigger fish in the iOS enthusiast community already have their hands on a Tweetbot beta, so we should hear more in the coming weeks/months.

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  • MikkelYssen

    This is the Twitter-client built into BMW’s iDrive. This is not TweetBot.
    Mark is a well known BMW connoisseur.

    • I do know he’s a huge fan of cars in general and the tweet right after the one I’ve linked to mentions that it’s not his car, but I’m not completely convinced that that isn’t Tweetbot…and if it isn’t, then why would he tweet “Sneak peek at a new twitter client that shall go unnamed”?

      It also doesn’t look quite like the Twitter/Facebook client that’s shown in this screenshot of the iDrive: http://hothardware.com/News/BMW-1-Series-To-Gain-iPhone-App-Support-For-Facebook-Web-Radio/

      I still think it’s something from Tapbots, though you’re right that it may not necessarily be Tweetbot.