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Quick Look: ManualCorrect Pro for iPhone [Jailbreak]

The screenshot above is the settings page for ManualCorrect Pro ($0.99 on Cydia), and it could well be your new best friend, especially if you think that the keyboard auto-correction in iOS is too aggressive.

ManualCorrect Pro builds on the functionality of the free ManualCorrect, which simply switches  automatic correction to manual drive. In other words, ManualCorrect requires you to actually tap on auto-correction pop-ups to activate them.

Controlled corrections

ManualCorrect works wonders for helping me spell names of websites and friends without having them being “corrected” as I press on the spacebar, but it quickly becomes a pain with regards to capitalization and punctuation: having to manually capitalize every “I” and insert apostrophes for “don’t” and “can’t” quickly takes the fun out of typing on the iPhone.

ManualCorrect Pro solves these issues by including toggles for “correct capitalization” and “correct punctuation” and an SBSettings toggle to turn the whole tweak off. This means that I get the major benefits of default iOS auto-correction, without the hassle of having all the F-bombs I type turn into quacking “ducks”.

Text replacement

One great little extra in this paid extension is the ability to define custom corrections. This can be used for words that you’ll frequently mis-spell, but it also makes for a a great TextExpander substitute, allowing you to create text shortcuts that end up being “corrected” and turned into larger words. For example, I have both “Isr” and “isr” set to turn into “iSource”, so all I have to to do is type three letters, press space, and presto — iSource! I’m also trying to use ManualCorrect Pro as a substitute for a soft tab (as detailed in this TextExpander post), but I’m not sure how often I’ll really use it.

What I am sure of, however, is that this tweak is already proving to be worth far more than the $0.99 I spent on it. ManualCorrect Pro may not be the catchiest name, but it is a very slick solution for streamlining your typing experience on iOS. If you’re using a jailbroken device on 4.x, I highly recommend you give it a shot.


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