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Perian QuickTime plugin updated: do I still need VLC?

Perian’s swiss-army knife icon is a perfect fit for what the plugin does: turn QuickTime into the play-everything app on your Mac. The latest update has added support for compressed MKVs and a host of other things that, to be honest, I don’t really understand.

I believe that this added support should let me bypass VLC altogether for the playback of hi-definition MKV files, which is something I don’t believe it was able to do before (corrections to this post are sure to be swift and merciless if I’m wrong).┬áIf my guess is right, though, then there are fewer and fewer reasons to use VLC on my Mac.

It’s not that I’m against VLC in any way, but I like QuickTime X’s borderless window so much more…

[via TUAW]


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