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Slightly OT: Evernote web app gets file attachments (again)

The Evernote web app was upgraded recently, and I actually like its design a lot more than the native Mac client. It’s heck of a lot cleaner overall and seems to take up fewer system resources (it feels that way, in any case).

However, until recently, it was missing one of Evernote’s most useful features: file uploading. The old client allowed free users to upload PDFs, images, audio, and ink files and allowed premium users to upload anything, but this capability was missing until two or three days ago. The feature is now back in action and is accesseed through an “attach file” button or drag-and-drop interface (I know Chrome supports this).

So for those of you who were holding off from using the web app, now could be the right time to get rid of another one of your native apps and replace it with something of the cloudy variety. You’re still out of luck if you’re waiting on Saved Searches, though.

[via @plibin]

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