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Analysis of Apple’s Samsung Suit- Finds Impressive iOS Device Sales Numbers

Samsung-Logo.jpgNilay Patel, a former Engadget editor, gives an in-depth analysis of Apple’s recently-filed “look and feel” lawsuit against Samsung, specifically targeting their “Galaxy” line of devices. He gives explicit details regarding the technical aspects of the suit, and outlines each of Apple’s claims against Samsung. Patel did a knock up job putting all of this together.

Now, what I, and the rest of the Apple community is slobbering over, is that Apple, in their suit, releases broken down sales numbers for their iOS devices. Previously Apple only released iPhone sales numbers, and folded iPod touch unit sales into the greater “iPod” unit sales numbers. Well, now we know. Apple “as of March 2011” has sold 108 million iPhones, 19 million iPads, and 60 million iPod touch units.

This leads me to my next point. Apple is having the quarterly conference call tomorrow where they will announce numbers like these, specifically iPhone and iPad sales numbers. As I eluded to above, Apple doesn’t break down their iPod sales number, but rather clumps all of the different models into a single “iPod” category. Now at least we have an idea of how many iPod touch units have been sold to date.

This also means that put together iOS is doing amazingly well in the market. People keep pointing to static iPhone numbers, but fail to count in iPod touch unit sales. It is after all, a phone-less iPhone. But no one wants to include those numbers in their calculations for some reason. The difference is even more dramatic when you ad iPad sales to the mix.

Unit share does not equate market share.

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