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Tons of Electronic Arts iOS Games on Sale for 99 Cents This Weekend


Fancy some top iPhone and iPad games from Electronic Arts to fill in any downtime this Easter weekend? If so, you’re in luck – as EA have got more than 30 of their iPhone and iPad games on offer for just 99 cents.

Here are a few of the top iPhone games on sale at $0.99:

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
  • Fight Night Champion
  • NBA Jam
  • Dead Space
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
  • Reckless Racing

And some of the notable iPad games:

  • Dead Space for iPad: $0.99
  • FIFA 11 for iPad: $0.99
  • Risk for iPad: $0.99
  • Madden NFL 11: $0.99
  • Reckless Racing HD: $0.99
  • Scrabble for iPad: $0.99

To take advantage of these big sale prices check out EA’s iPhone games App Store page and their iPad games App Store page.

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  • Mike A

    Many Electronic Arts sale apps have not been updated since this post was written. If you take a moment to look at their reviews, you will see that many leading apps — which are still being sold at an unprofitable $0.99 — haven’t worked in months. They crash shortly after launch, or contain game-killing bugs.

    Specifically, look up the reviews for Risk, The Sims FreePlay, SimCity Deluxe, and Tetris.

    I recommend a closer examination of why EA has not released upgrades or bug fixes for its leading apps in six months, and why valuable franchises are being sold at flea-market prices.

  • Mike A

    Addendum: I was referring specifically to the iPad versions of the listed EA apps.