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Two more good reads from the developer of Instapaper

There are two Marco Arment posts I would like to link to:

The first was something I stumbled across on MacStories, and is essentially a piece on why Instapaper Free is currently missing from the App Store, and may never return.  The post shares a lot about how Arment runs his one-man business (playing the roles of developer and support) and his reasoning for all of his experimenting.

The second post discusses how Arment almost entered the weather apps market, but decided against it, because user demands tended to be on the extreme simple (just the forecast, thanks) or extremely geeky (weather, radar, wind speed, gravitational pull) side, and it seemed impossible to please himself and potential customers with one app.

Incidentally, the latter post was written in reaction to an über-review of weather apps at The Brooks Review, so if you’ve been looking for a quick survey of a mass of different weather, you have some reading to do.

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  • Great article on Instapaper, and I agree wholeheartedly with his comments. I’ve never really understood why people complain about buying apps and/or their price. If you want or need something in this life (like an app) pay for it – why should everything be free?