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Verizon iPhone Sales Slow Android Sales for the First Time Since 2009

Screen shot 2011-01-12 at 10.52.15 PM.pngNPD, a market research company, in their first quarter “Mobile Phone Track” survey has found that surging Verizon iPhone sales in the U.S. has slowed the slowed Android sales for the first time since Q2 of 2009.

Android still held some 50% of smartphone unit sales for Q1 2011, but that’s down 3% from the previous quarter. iOS grabbed 9%, and now sits at 28% of the market, and RIM has fallen another 5% and now sits at %14 market share.

Widening the scope of the report to all mobile phone sales, Apple still has 14% of the market. Samsung holds 23%, and LG holds 18%. Also of interest, if the iPhone and Android are bundled together, they make up 54% of all mobile phone sales in the U.S. for the quarter.

Remember, Apple’s expanded market share comes after a report surfaced claiming that Apple had to slash production of the CDMA (Verizon) iPhone from 10 million units to 5 million. Again, market share is good, but profit share, which Apple is going for and currently holds, is more important in the long run of profitability.

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