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Things Cloud Sync private beta launched, but only for Macs

The Things Task manager is a well-known and well-reviewed piece of software with clients for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Our dear site editor, Patrick, still uses it, but I left it a while back because I just couldn’t wait any longer for over-the-air syncing. Local wi-fi sync is great when you’re at home, but contrary to popular belief, I am not always at home.

So you can imagine my surprise when I heard that the fabled Things Cloud Sync — the one that Cultured Code has been working on since the dawn of time — has come out with its first private beta. “Ooo, shiny,” I thought.

Unfortunately, the thought didn’t last long because all that the current cloud beta supports is Mac-to-Mac syncing, which is something I do not need as the owner of one Mac, but multiple iOS devices. Based on the feedback I’ve seen on Twitter, I think a lot of other geeks feel the same way.

I can’t help but feel that Cultured Code is just a little out of touch with its user base here, and even if starting off with Mac-to-Mac sync is just the safest way to go about Things, I shouldn’t have had to dig through the FAQ of the beta post to find out that iOS sync is simply coming “a little later”. I believe the bit about iOS sync was stated in a previous blog post months ago, but it wouldn’t have hurt to restate it in the beta announcement, just to acknowledge that the devs know acknowledge what geeks really seem to want.

Oh well, good thing I’m really happy with 2Do and Toodledo sync.

[via MacStories]

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