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Alfred App 0.9 pre-release for Mac now available

I only just picked the 0.9 pre-release build of Alfred (Review) yesterday, but it looks absolutely incredible on paper (err, Internet paper, anyway). The update has a gazillion improvements, features, and performance improvements, but here are a couple of the highlights:

  • iTunes Mini Player improvements including support for iTunes DJ (choose the next playing song from Alfred? Yes, please!)
  • Drag files out of Alfred and into other apps or folders (one file at a time, I believe)
  • Cross-Mac preferences syncing via Dropbox or iDisk

Be aware, of course, that pre-release connotes that this version has not been thoroughly tested for bugs, but the app seems fairly stable to me so far.

Many of the features in 0.9 are still for users of the paid Power Pack upgrade, but even users of the free version should benefit from the performance improvements that developer Andrew Pepperell has cooked up.

Users who downloaded Alfred from the main website can go into settings, tick off the pre-release checkbox, and then click on “Check Now” to play with 0.9. Mac App Store users of the app are still out of luck, thanks to Apple’s distribution limitations.

[via Andrew’s Hot Chocolate]

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