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Gmail now stores up to 25,000 contacts

One of the things that I remember most about moving to a smartphone was the feeling of “Oh, good, now I’ll never ever have to worry about maxing out contacts again.”With Gmail’s recent upgrade to a ceiling of 25,000 contacts (up from 10,000), this is now really, really true. Contacts can also hold more information, which allows for longer notes (and, perhaps, higher res profile pictures?).

I doubt I’ll ever come even remotely close to this newly announced contact limit, although I am just starting to reach 70% (~5 GB) of Gmail’s actual mailbox capacity, so I’m eagerly awaiting Google’s next announcement of 25,000 GB of free storage (up from 7.5 GB). 🙂

Incidentally, if you aren’t syncing your iOS contacts and calendar events over-the-air with Gmail because you didn’t know about it or simply don’t know how, visit the Google Sync website for step-by-step instructions. I think it’s a great, free substitute for MobileMe.

[via Gmail Blog]

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  • Sb

    Thats Great i have close to 7k contacts beccasse of my buisness. Its good to know that you problaby wont use All thats available. Google sync is awesome. If i have to’ restore i just enter my account details And wham emails contacts And calenders Are All there again!