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Introducing Parkbud for iPhone


Although I’m sure the developers at Wunderstadt didn’t think of it this way, Parkbud for iPhone is probably one of the coolest ways to find out that your parking meter has just expired, complete with cool Tapbots-esque sound effects, beautiful UI animations, and a lovely icon for your Springboard.

I’m not a driver myself, but you don’t really need a license or own an automobile to wrap your head around how Parkbud works: you’ll load it up and specify a time limit for the parking meter, set an alarm to go off x minutes before the meter expires, and then watch with childlike wonder as all the UI elements swish and slide into place. Local notifications will pop up later on to let you know how quickly you should run back to your car.

If you want to use them, there are also three other tabs within the app to geo-tag or find parking spots, take a picture of exactly where you left your car, and create quick notes on one of those digital leather notepads that are all the rage these days.

According to our press e-mail, Parkbud hit the App Store less than a day ago and is currently being offered for free. So if you think the app looks interesting (spoiler: it does), I suggest hurrying up and giving it a download, because once the promo period ends, you’ll have to hand over some money for it like you would with a real parking meter.




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