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Pixelmator for Mac currently 50% off at Smith Micro Software

I received a notification from Smith Micro Software (whom I have never bought software from before) about a 50% sale on Pixelmator, a super-affordable image editor for the Mac. It looks like a good deal if you’re looking for Pixelmator on the cheap right now, but there are two warnings I’d also like to issue alongside this post.

First of all, I want make it clear that Pixelmator now considers itself a Mac App Store exclusive. Updates for version 1.x will be available to buyers of this Smith Micro Software deal, but version 2.0, scheduled for later this year, will only be available on the Mac App Store. So, in essence, this 50% deal is 1.x only.

The second and final warning isn’t a big deal, but I noticed that Smith Micro’s shopping cart automatically adds “download protection” for a good $9 surcharge. I think that’s a rip-off, especially since other stores, like the Mac App Store, offer download protection for free.  I’d delete it from the cart if I decided to purchase Pixelmator for $29.99 from Smith Micro.


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