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Shawn Blanc previews Fantastical for Mac

Fantastical has a name that was simply too clever for me at first pass. Sure, the app is supposed to be fantastical, but what does the name have to do w — oh, right. Fantastic[alendar].

Fantastical wasn’t too clever for Shawn Blanc, though. In his preview of the app he illustrates that it is just as clever and fantasticlicious (no?) as it should be. This little calendar app will lives in the menu bar and should be a near-complete replacement for iCal, but with a smaller, sharper interface. It also features a great natural language parser (à la QuickCal) so that you can “Meet Bob for duel at Treehouse at 5 pm” and have your calendar understand you.

The app is due to come out later this month (no price stated), but in the meantime you can read through Mr. Blanc’s awesome little preview, which I’ve linked to below.

[Shawn Blanc Fantastical preview]

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