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Apple Stores Draw 4 Times More Visitors than MLB Games, and a Quick Fix for Our National Pastime


Fortune Tech reports today on how visits to Apple retail stores now dwarf attendance at Major League Baseball games – with four times as many annual visitors. Apple’s retail division alone also generates more revenue than MLB.

This is hardly shocking news I suppose given Apple’s recent juggernaut of success; but I think there’s an easy way for MLB to hit back and catch up. Here’s how: encourage all teams to scrap events like ‘Bat Day’ and other traditional attendance boosters and replace them with iPad Day, iPhone Day, and iMac 27 Inch Day – with free ones for everyone who attends. Maybe even throw in a free copy of MLB At Bat for the first two.

That should do the trick. Smile

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  • AppleCrazy

    Haha yea I would go to an MLB game for iMac 27″ day!!