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Chinese iPad 2 Launch – It’s a Hit


Late last week, Apple launched the iPad 2 in China to sell out crowds and long lines. The device was also launched on Apple’s Chinese web store with a ship timeframe of 1-2 weeks, but soon sold out there too.


China did not see the 3G models with the launch, but did get all six black and white models WiFi models. These models do have a mark up over their U.S. counter parts. The 16GB model clocks in at 3688 yuan, or $568, the 32GB model is 4488 yuan, or $691, and the 64GB model is 5288 yuan, or $814.

So, Apple products are proving to be a hit in China. Apple couldn’t keep the iPhone 4 on store shelves when it launched in that country last year (yes some of them were scalpers, but that still shows high demand). The iPad 2 seems to be no exception. Which is amazing considering Apple only has four retails stores in the whole country, and just late last year opened an online retail store there.

Images courtesy of M.I.C.Gadget.

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