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Review: Grandview for Mac

I started this quick review of Grandview ($4.99) for Mac to talk about how I just didn’t understand how you were supposed to approach the app, but here I am now, actually having fun with it.

Here are the basics:

  • Grandview sits in the menubar
  • Hitting a keyboard shortcut (option + Cmd + 5) will activate the app in full-screen mode
  • As you type, Grandview will display just one word at a time, except for when you finish a sentence
  • There is another keyboard shortcut (Cmd + =) to view text, but you’re better off reading in another app
  • Closing the Grandview window will copy your written text to the clipboard

Grandview does have a very strange, but interesting approach.  The last sentence is in the past — out of sight and out of mind — and the only thing you’re thinking about right now is the word in front of you. Grandview is a running start to writing. It resides in the menu bar, activates with a keyboard shortcut, and then encourages you to go sprinting right into the page, if only for the sensation of pressing keys and making words.

There’s a certain weightlessness to the writing you can do in Grandview, as if you’re writing through the air, but I’ve also found that it only lasts for so long. I eventually have to come back out to a more traditional text view so that I can actually read what I’ve written and examine how my paragraphs flow.

I wouldn’t call Grandview a full-fledged writing tool like Byword, OmmWriter, or WriteRoom, but it is different enough from the crowd to warrant a look if you’re curious. It’s genuinely fun to play around with because it’s such a curious sensation watching all the words you write on-screen suddenly disappear, and suddenly re-appear when you hit period.

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