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Cydia Search – Search for iOS Jailbreak Apps in a Browser


If you’re looking for more options and ways to discover new jailbreak apps for our iPhone or other iOS device, Cydia Search is a new tool you may enjoy. It’s a search engine for all the app repositories used by Cydia, the leading jailbreak app store. It checks all the included repositories once per hour.

The service is powered by Planet-iPhones, a long established forum and theme provider for the jailbreak arena.

I’ve been trying the service out a little over recent days, and it works well. It has an absolute bare-bones look – mostly just text and links and definitely not pretty. But Cydia itself is no beauty queen and the search works well.


You can browse through category sections or just search for a specific app you want to check out. Info on each app is actually presented much more cleanly than in Cydia itself – details you can see at a glance include who developed the app, which repository it comes from (and a link to their website), when it was last updated, and the size of the file. Packages are clearly labeled as being from a trusted (one of the defaults in Cydia) or untrusted repository.

I’ll definitely be bookmarking Cydia Search. It’s a handy resource to get info on jailbreak apps without having to browse in Cydia itself – which also means of course that you don’t need to be jailbroken to have a look at what’s available on that side of the fence.

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