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Apple Nearing 60% of Mobile Phone Industry Profits

Asymco has published a two charts that show the performance of different companies in the mobile phone industry for Q1 2011. The charts specifically compare units sold with profitability.


The first chart shows the top eight mobile phone brands. Apple is in Dark orange with around 7% share of the top eight. Apple also joins RIM and HTC in the “smartphone-only” category, which collectively made up 16% of the eight companies. The other companies occupy the “Diversified” category.


Flipping over to profitability of the top eight companies, and the chart goes out of whack, with Apple holding some 57% of the profit amongst those companies. Adding in HTC and RIM the “smartphone-only” category rakes in 75% of the industry profits amongst those eight companies. Only Samsung and Nokia show up in the “Diversified” category, as LG, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson didn’t generate any profit in Q1.

Also worth noting is that Apple’s profit jumped to 57% from where it stood at 50% in Q4 2010.

This charts can be summed up as follows: If you’re not in the smartphone business, and just manufacture function phones, profitability is dropping. And if you’re competing in the smartphone market, you’re scrapping with Apple for control.

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