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The Adonit Writer: The Best iPad and Keyboard Combo I’ve Seen So Far

As impressive as the ZAGGmate keyboard and cover combo looks, the Adonit Writer seems just that much cooler. Not only do I like the folio look of this mostly-recycled case and keyboard combo more, but its clamshell design looks like it can even support writing with the iPad proppped up on your lap (something that just looks precarious with the ZAGGmate).

The Adonit Writer should be ready for sale “soon” at around $100 (later $110), but keep in mind that it’s only for the iPad 1 for now. The Writer was a Kickstarter project for the original iPad and it seems that Adonit is only now preparing a model for the iPad 2. I’ve gotta say, though, it seems they’ve made one hell of a case: Chris White of TUAW certainly seems to like his.

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