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Apple Looking Into ‘MACDefender’ Malware, Support Staff Not Allowed to Help


A recent Malware threat for the Mac has surfaced called MACDefender, posing as a antivirus program, which requires a user to install it to become active. ZDNet has been following the issue and has contacted an AppleCare representative, who claims that Apple has been handling a significant number of calls regarding the issue. As many as 50% of the calls were reportedly about the issue.

AppleCare’s policy prevents representatives from helping customers due to the fear that they can’t continue to help customers as time moves forward. In the meantime, they are recommending users install an antivirus program.

Bott in a followup piece found over 200 threads in the Apple support forum pertaining to this issue. This is a far higher rate of incidence than any previous malware outbreak on the platform. He also published an internal AppleCare support document, wherein the issues is labeled as “Issue/Investigation In Progress”, and how to coach users through the issue. If users are currently installing the software, they are told to stop the installer and trash the download. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have already installed the malicious software, then it’s up to you to figure out how to remove it.

It sounds like Apple, in the best case scenario, is trying to figure this out internally, so then they can guide users through the problem. But until then, they’re keeping a tight lip.

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  • Cody Sweeny

    It’s not apples problem, people should know how to watch for malware like this.

  • Windy


    You are assuming that folks know enough what to watch for and how to identify a problem.
    I’m pretty sure I don’t know all I need.