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Apple Retail Stores 10th Anniversary and Crazy Numbers


Today marks ten years since Apple launched its retail stores. To say they’ve been a hit with consumers, and helped to build the Apple brand, would be a huge understatement. Fortune Tech shared some numbers that highlight the Apple stores’ success story today. Here are a few of those that caught my eye:

  • 325 stores in 11 countries, 87 outside the U.S.
  • 71.1 million visitors last quarter, up 51% year over year
  • 13,400 visitors per store per week, on average
  • $3.19 billion revenue last quarter, up 90%  
  • 12.9% share of Apple’s total revenue last quarter
  • 797,000 Macs sold in stores last quarter, half to people who’d never owned a Mac before

That last one really leaps off the page for me – ‘half to people who’d never owned a Mac before’. It’s not hard to see why these stores have been so successful. They embody the way that design is at the core of everything Apple does, their layout always does a superb job at showcasing Apple’s flagship products, and their staff always seem knowledgeable and friendly.

I’m fortunate enough to have a good-sized Apple store around 5 miles from my house, and I’m a frequent visitor there. From run-of-the-mill trips to buy a simple accessory to major new product launches with huge lines, the staff have been nothing but excellent to deal with. They’ve helped to make long, long launch day waits go by much faster and then offered fantastic, friendly service even when it was near closing time after those super-long days.

I’ve had many occasions where my 8 year old daughter has to come with me to the Apple store if I need to go there straight after picking her up from school or similar. Normally if I mention a stop we have to make on the way home, she’s not a happy camper. A stop at the Apple store is always welcome though. She’ll mess around with a new iPod Touch or a big iMac, or look through iDevice accessories with me. I’ve never had her get bored or complain while in the Apple store – even when we’ve had to spend a long time there awaiting a Genius appointment.

Speaking of Genius appointments, that’s another great aspect of these stores – the Genius staff are real experts, always want to go the extra mile in helping you, and nearly always find a solution to a problem or gladly offer up a replacement if they can’t (and the device is still under warranty).

As someone who doesn’t generally enjoy spending any more than the minimum time in retail stores, I’d say the huge success of the Apple stores is richly deserved. And as long as they stick to their design standards, and especially to their standards of excellent service, they should do nothing but continue to be more successful.

Image at Top of Post: Covent Garden Apple Store via avenueapplemac.com

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