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Quick Look: Foodish for iPhone

If you find yourself feeling a mite peckish, why not track your snack with Foodish? It’s an app that helps you quickly and easily track what you eat (and drink) everyday. There are no calorie counts or extra notes – just names, emoticons, and pictures.

Foodish organises your entries by day and then by whether your entry is a snack, a meal, or a drink. I think of it as a journal app for chicken wings, milkshakes, and chips (because that’s all I eat).

All of this information is displayed in a vibrant interface that tends to make you delight in what you eat, rather than feel terribly guilty about it all. However, the four emoticons – ranging from :S to 😀 – can help you keep track of your diet in a rudimentary way, and you can even see your week’s worth of eats drawn up in a graph.

Who Is This For?

Foodish is an app for foodies. It isn’t so much a meal tracker, as it is a meal mantle. Take a nice picture of what you’re going to eat or drink and then return to Foodish later on to reminisce on items that long ago passed through your esophagus.
The only thing the app is really missing is a way to see a week or month’s worth of entries. I forgot to use Foodish on quite a number of occasions, and so there are quite a number of empty and boring days within the app. Having to scroll through these days and not knowing when I’m going to encounter another entry takes a little bit of the fun out of the experience, and a week, month, or list view would probably solve this.


If you’re so inclined, you can opt to share individual entries on Facebook or Twitter. There is currently no way to back up your database of entries, though, so make sure to regularly back up with iTunes if you don’t want to risk losing weeks’ worth of carbonara, iced coffees, and Mars bars.


You could well store the type of entries that Foodish handles with another app, but it simply wouldn’t be as convenient or as beautiful as using this custom interface (for the things that you put in your face). Foodish ($1.99) isn’t an app for everyone, but it does serve a niche function quite nicely and has a lot of fun while doing so.

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