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iOS 5, 6, and 7 Already Jailbroken


Ok, sorry – the post headline is not true of course. But … there is already a tethered jailbreak available for iOS 5, less than a day after its very first beta was released.

News of this comes from Dev Team member MuscleNerd, who kindly provided a screencap showing Cydia and iSSH installed on a jailbroken iPod Touch 4G running iOS 5 (see the Reminders and Newsstand apps).

The reason these jailbreaks are possible so quickly is that the same bootrom level exploit that has been used for a good while now is still usable on most current and past gen iOS devices, and apparently cannot be patched but requires a hardware update to defeat it.

I spotted this news thanks to our friend Sebastien’s post at iPhone Download Blog.

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