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iOS 5’s Biggest Miss

This is just a short opinion post on what I think is the biggest missing feature of iOS 5. Like everyone else I’m thrilled to see the new notifications as well as notification center, but the number one reason I continue to jailbreak my iDevices is because it’s a pain in the ass to unlock my device, wait for the calendar app to load and check my upcoming events. I manage 3 different calendars on my phone (work, wife, mine) and as any of them can change multiple times a day, I have to constantly keep an eye on them. Repeating the calendar launching process throughout the day is just not fun. I live by lockinfo simply because everything I need to know is front and center before I even unlock the device.

Notification Center is a nice start, but it’s a huge miss for someone like me. I want to quick glance at my lock screen and know not just who texted/mailed/called but I want to know what my next few hours or days looks like.

What about you? Is there something missing from iOS 5 that’s going to keep you on the jailbreak team?

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  • JNGold

    I am done with Jailbreaking even though I loved apps like LockInfo and sbsettings. It got to the point where I wanted the latest and greatest from Apple and would lose using my Jb apps until a tethered jailbreak was offered. As time has gone on, I have seen the availability of jailbreaks come at longer and longer clip after an OS release most likely due to Apple closing many of the vulnerabilities used by jailbreakers.

  • Mark

    Keep in mind it’s still the first beta. A lot can change in 3 months.

  • Rick

    WWDC was just a preview
    There’s over 200 new features to come
    Alot they did not cover, or show.

    And we are only on the first beta,
    We could very well get calendar support in notification center.
    Might not be ready at the moment?

    I’m going to wait till the gold master,
    Before I start getting upset.
    Alot can very well change between now and then

  • Brian

    I recently unjailbroke my phone. The two things I miss most that won’t really be covered by iOS 5 are sbsettings and bitesms. Especially sbsettings. I really hope that Apple adds some kind of quick controls for settings before it ships. The OS badly needs it.

  • Steve

    I thought you only went back to jailbreaking relatively recently so it can’t have been that bad without.
    I love jailbreaking, and always used lockinfo, but I also love this iOS5 beta. Lots of inbuilt system wide extras that’ll make legit apps like textexpander and jailbreak apps like wifi sync obsolete.
    As Mark said, it’s an early beta so lets wait and see.

  • Brandon

    @Steve – I’ve been running JB on and off (90% on) since the first iPhone. I used to use Intelliscreen – no particular reason why I switched to LockInfo but either way, this has remained the biggest need in iOS for me. I’d love an SBSettings plugin for Notification Center, but I can live without it.

    As for the 200+ other things they didn’t talk about in the keynote – unfortunately this wasn’t part of it. Sure there’s months to go – hopefully Apple will include this. But if nobody talks about it – Apple isn’t going to put any effort towards it.

    For a lot of us – our smartphone isn’t just an extension of our Wii/Xbox/PSP and this type of feature is something we’ve used since the early days of Windows Mobile (CE).

  • Sounds king of bitchy seeing that they are doing just what you seem to want. They said there are widgets. Just cause you see those 2 doesn’t mean calendar isn’t coming. Matter of fact I can bet 100% that it will by the time 5.0 is out. Widgets, means widgets… not JUST WHAT YOU SEE. Its open and more can be created. Happy now?

  • Erik

    The app I would miss the most is biteSMS. I think apple should have included a quick reply and quick compose in ios5, to me this is the one major thing missing.

  • Dimwit

    The only reason left (to me anyway) for jailbreaking is SBSettings. If Apple would give me a way to set up a shortcut to my Bluetooth toggle, or any other setting I choose, there would be no reason for ME to jailbreak. I’m thinking like the way we can add links to web pages to our homescreens.