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Oh Good, There’s an Ambulance Chasing iPhone App

Tulsa Truck Accident Attorneys app

Every once in a while, just the name of an iPhone app is enough to make you look twice. Like this one for instance: Tulsa Truck Accident Attorneys. These folks are ‘the premier Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers for those who have suffered serious and traumatic injuries due to an automobile or truck accident’.

I’m amazed they missed out on the opportunity to use ‘Hit by a truck, there’s an app for that!’ as their slogan. Lovely icon though.

The app has a page devoted to listing types of accidents they cover – bicycle and pedestrian accidents, bus crashes, DUI accidents, and so on. While I can see that many businesses may find an app useful these days as part of their marketing plan, I would’ve thought apps are best suited to businesses that get repeat customers. Are there really enough people out there who have so many occasions where they’re in need of a good ‘hit by a truck’ law firm that they need a dedicated app for it? Those wonderfully comical 3:00AM commercials for these type of services aren’t good enough?

Just in case you’re unable to stay up late enough to catch TV ads for firms like this, here’s an App Store link for Tulsa Truck Accident Attorneys.

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