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Check Out AppStorm’s $49 Freelance Mac App Bundle

freelance mac app sale

It’s cloudy with a 100% chance of Mac apps, folks. For those who have no interest in the current Macbuzzer offer, perhaps the new Freelance Mac App Bundle will hold more appeal. This $49 bundle isn’t quite in impulse-buy territory, but these eight apps pack a lot of punch:

  • 1Password ($40)
  • Billings ($40)
  • TextExpander ($35)
  • LittleSnapper ($29)
  • WriteRoom ($25)
  • Radium ($10)
  • Arq ($29)
  • Alarms ($15)

I’ve only tried three of the apps on offer (Alarms, WriteRoom, and TextExpander), but have also heard good things about the other five apps through Mac enthusiasts and developers on Twitter. Mac app bundles have been raining from the sky in recent weeks, but this one looks like one of the best offers we’ve seen in a while. There are also a few extras to help freelancers with self-promotion, but don’t worry – you won’t need to link everyone and your mother to get them. All of the extras except for the free e-book (which you tweet for) come packaged with the bundle.

The offer is on for the next nine days (as of June 20th), so feel free to take your time with this one.

[via Mac AppStorm]

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